Look at the Lilacs

from by Binger

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I'm ten feet lifted, I keep my head in the clouds
And and at a distance, 'cuz I just don't care
What you have to say,
I prefer to stow myself away.

Making sense has nothing to do with being negative
Emotional difference to the mind is such a sedative
Gave me everything I got but always takes it all away
Reducing my heart so that it never has to go that way

They're influential, I'll bend and break at their will
I've got no anchor, 'cuz I'm a man of few convictions
I'll do anything you say
If you convince me things will be ok

The confusion that we lie about's the reason why
We've joined ourselves in vulnerability until we say goodbye
But now I've checked in on the cat and have to deal with that,
Hoping one day, you'll find a reason not to take me back

I can't get over these doubts
That I can't live without
So don't tell me how to act
Instead just look at the lilacs

She knows I'm drifted, I talk to her in the clouds
And at a distance, but I just won't come down
To deal with my disgrace
But she can see it written on my face

You never have to step in the room if you don't like the pain
Commitment never bites the dust, before it circles round the drain
Connections are conducive to closeness just as much as space
We might have a spark but we're both moving at a different pace

Right now she's ok, but just can't help but freak out
Despite her knowing,
She makes a mountain of a molehill inside her head
Taking solace in the things I've said

The world is always changing just as much as my emotions are
I'm grounded in you; but the self can only go so far
Negating my ego, every time you show me how I'm wrong
We can never be in love cuz neither of us last that long

So do away with your doubts
We can figure it out
So babe you need to relax
I'm saying look at the lilacs

Gestation, molded in a patient husk.
Maturation, the product thereof.

I reached out time and again, trying to feel some maternal breeze,
some beckoning warmth, a distant call to arms I could undertake.
To rend me from shriveled prospect, buried in the secrecy and cold, to a source of envy.
A well of hope for what's to come.
I would leave passerby in awe at my rebirth, and tears in my absence.

Frustration, all the time wasted in
concentration on who I could never be.
It's the longest thing I'll ever do, and the quickest thing I've ever done.

So do away with all doubt
We can figure it out
We all need to relax


from Skeptics, released April 30, 2016
Music & Lyrics by Binger

Braden Winslow - Guitars, Vocals, Vocoder
Dalton Muzzy - Drums & Percussion
Gyasi Garcia - Keyboards, Synthesizer
Stephanie Heaghney - Background Vocals
Shakir Stephen - Bass, Background Vocals



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Binger Burlington, Vermont

Based out of Burlington, VT, Binger channel the diverse musical scene of New England through their ever expanding exploration of all music accessible to the airwaves.
Characterised by their love of jazz, need to rock, and natural attraction to improvisational groove, Binger try to keep their music as fresh and interesting as 2016 will allow.
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