Roots in the Rabbit Hole

by Binger

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shane mullen
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shane mullen Burlington jam at its best. Well-rounded album with several genre influences to keep things varied. Favorite track: Sequoia 1.
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Debut album by self-styled couch-surf prog band Binger


released September 2, 2014

All songs written by Binger

Shakir Stephen: bass, vocals, vocoder, organ, synthesizer, trombone
Dalton Muzzy: drums, percussion, vocals, vocoder, positive encouragement
Braden Winslow: guitars, vocals, wurlitzer, synthesizer

Recorded at Stu Stu Studio in Essex, VT
Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Power

Tenor and alto saxophones on "Crow King" by Daniel Mench-Thurlow and Billy Weaver, respectively.

Tenor saxophone on "Buttonz" by Daniel Mench-Thurlow

"Buttonz" featuring Galactic Brown. Hear more at:

Visual drawings, photography, video, and input from Kevin Bloom and Paul Oullette
Art direction by Binger




Binger Burlington, Vermont

Based out of Burlington, VT, Binger channel the diverse musical scene of New England through their ever expanding exploration of all music accessible to the airwaves.
Characterised by their love of jazz, need to rock, and natural attraction to improvisational groove, Binger try to keep their music as fresh and interesting as 2016 will allow.
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Track Name: Sequoia 1
My roots run deep
(Nothing will go wrong)
I’m firm in the ground
(They know my name)
These woods I call my home
(Nothing will go wrong)
Grown alone, blinking moment

Take me down passed the neon cage
(I know I’m too good for)
I’ll await by the baking marble
(Where the moon doesn’t pull)
Help me to find that rabbit hole
(But leave the sky)
Trade my time for more rungs

I have known nothing at all
And I’ve outgrown you
Track Name: Crow King
I know about the crows
When I’m high up on my ivory throne
I build walls and call my mind a home
But still I’m all alone
Here I sit alone

I heard about the birds
Assuredly their flocking seems absurd
Southbound, downtown
on the hunt for some worth
And all I got is my words

I’m the king of the crows

Crows at my door
Leave me be
Find a friend

I’m on the floor
In my head
Once again

When the option presents itself you have to make a choice
Close your eyes look inside and only listen to your voice
It cries for companions, at the same time begs to be alone
Keep your walls down or throw em up and call your mind a home
I have it in me; part of me wants comrades and friends
if there’s anything I learned from 'The Bends':
you’re born all alone so how do you think that you’ll die?
And does it matter if you think that there’s a hippie in the sky?
The only rule I follow is an eye-for-an-eye,
but no one here will trade me all their truths for my lies
Be a part of the whole or the whole of the part?
Live my life by my brains? or my balls? or my heart?
This world makes me wonder if I’ll find it on my own,
if it’s something that you work out or something that you’re shown
I’m a social creature yet I have to make this decision:
A cell in the world’s body at the point of incision
Now someone help me work out where to live
Someone tell me if my life is a present that I give
Am I a gift for myself or a soul for the masses?
Sour like a lemon or sweet like molasses?
Someone help me work out where to live
Someone tell me if my life is a present that I give
Am I a note in a symphony or just a single tone?
Live my life with everyone else, or live my life alone?
Track Name: Calypskango
Look in the mirror, you might forget what side you live your life on
You’d never know – until your reflection moves and *poof* you’re gone
Who are we here for? Do we live life for ourselves or our ideal?
And when we die we will finally learn which one of us was real

All the years etched without a trace
An Eve in mind, what you leave behind,
but never could replace

All your fears you could not outpace
Through other’s eyes it’s no surprise
you don’t recognize your face

All these gears spinning in their place
Pretend you’re real with the truths you steal
Still don’t recognize your face
Track Name: Sequoia 2
Burn the bridge
There is life on the other side of the ridge
Go away, breathe first
No, no! You’re in love with someone
Basically everything you think: magnetic. Or do: magnetic
Belief: necessary, for the laws are very ignorant
Or should everybody?
We’re there. Was it reality? Was it really?
Shak, is it really?
My name is you
Guys - it’s very… it’s very hard to create something
Would you?
Flotsam and the like
I wouldn’t want to be afraid
Would you?
Track Name: Buttonz (ft. Galactic Brown)
Once we had solidarity in numbers
when everyday was encumbered by options and oftentimes
we're plundering pockets for bills and coins and nothing and buttons to push
girls averted looks while we were lookin for lines to cross
but we shoulda known better together whether we're alone or tethered competitors never could tear us apart
I'm your debtor from the heart but not a member from the start
When over time we'd bear in mind and see the breaks in ties unbinding
and you wonder where we're standing when we're there no longer finding
all the strength in our crew
but once alone we still felt feeble
though we spent our sunny days tracing the tracks amongst the needles

Diseased as me that we'd see beneath the bridge
but what you mean we're causin trouble? we're just a couple of kids
- a couple of friends - tryna make the world make sense
(SO GIVE IT A REST) Cause you know
that it's easier to dream when you're chilling with your team
in a sun-baked garage that reeks of burnt weed down on Water Street
Or at least that's how it seemed when you forced me in boxes
and I'm insistently dismissed and labelled socially toxic
We get evaluated, regulated, medicated daily
made some predicated pill-poppers you wanted us crazy
you wanted us numbered you needed us standing in line
to better quantify our lives
and all we wanted to be was just as cute as buttons

We’re all as cute as buttons

(Galactic Brown)
Remember – the worst thing about life was eating leftovers
Went to bed at 8 unless I slept over
At Julian, Jeff, or Rachel’s house
and candy was like cocaine in trace amounts
So when they took me to restaurants they’d take me out
But no room could hold me I was breaking out
So I was late to class and always early to recess
In second grade no need to study for test cause
I ain’t care about makin’ green
I used to sniff all the markers now I’m smoking weed
But get older and things start changing
See this grass is green
But this grass is pavement

Remember eating PBJ’s with the babysitter
Viewing cartoons and Family Matters
But didn’t realize how much family mattered
Til I climbed higher up on life’s ladder
Now I’m looking down
Feelin’ crooked now
Got me shookin’ how
I’m cooking ground beef
Just like my mom - and hers too -
Got me wonderin’ what the hell
I’m gonna do
Cause as a kid the world was ahead of me
Never listened to the words that they said to me
but could it be? They really knew something?
But who’s to say?

We’re all as cute as buttons

Nobody told me that I wasn’t a kid anymore
And no one told me bout the sly trap door to adulthood
Now I’m always looking back
Been counting days so long that I’m loosing track
A kid looking to the future but it came too fast
now I’m cynical as ever livin’ in the past
Feeling so innocent, the worlds a blast
Death to the young me, put your flags half-mast
At last I’m here
Now the show commences
My whole damn childhood was building fences
signed the contract of life under false pretenses
I wanna please myself not just please my senses
Thought I’d grow up, and that would just make me free
Live by myself by the man’s got his eyes on me
Make it seem like with age that you gain control
I think I lent too far down the rabbit hole
and fell right in, so let the games begin
I wanna play but I know that no one can win
Try to keep a straight face, now look at this place
The earth just floats here in time and space
and I didn’t understand it when I was a kid
now I’ve grown up and realize that nobody did
or nobody does
we all had to miss it because
the second that you take a look at it it’s not what it was
The child in us never makes a choice to leave
we let desires run wild and they turn to thieves
Nobody gets to pick the cards he or she receives
so there’s never full control in what we believe
We can’t see every single thing interweave
or prove that there’s truth in what we perceive
Or groove with the youth that you have to leave
A new mind isn’t that hard to deceive
but with an adult mind and a new understanding
I’ll move through this life, and keep on expanding
Always appreciate the fact that you grew
The child may be gone but they turned into you
Track Name: Sequoia 3
Because we all must have started from the same roots
but the tree kept growing and growing
And somewhere down the line you find the time to find the difference
Between a white lie
and a white truth

When you’re standing on top of the ridge, you find
that all plans were meant to be changed, in time
And from here to the end of the sky
My roots run deep